About Fenchel & Janisch

Known on YouTube as FenchelJanisch is a team of two young professionals working actually mostly in the commercial film industry. Marcel Fenchel and Moritz Janisch are the brains behind and sometimes face in front of the camera. With their headquarter based in the German metropolis Frankfurt they are passionate about creating DSLR filmmaking tutorials for YouTube but the main part of their job is to explain their clients products and services in commercial and product videos which they will then distribute online to help their clients reach a larger audience.

Fenchel and Janisch started working in filmmaking in 2005. Producing corporate clips for small businesses helped them develop their skills to be able to now help others improving their filmmaking skills. As technique developed in 2010 they switched their whole equipment from HDV to DSLR cameras and using it since.

In the field of commercial filmmaking Fenchel and Janisch have served over one hundred clients in more than four hundred projects. They are specialists in explaining complicated products and complex connections in a way that lets their client’s audience understand it easily, concrete and comprehensible. Because using the combination of spoken words (voice over) matching exactly to the shown pictures (video) makes it much easier for the human brain to understand and receive messages.

The vision of Fenchel and Janisch is to become more international with their work in helping others to improve their skills in filmmaking as well as shooting and producing videos, commercials and documentary’s worldwide.