Recruiting video

Recruiting videos are an effective tool to attract more- and better qualified applications – if it is done correctly: film and video have a lot to do with taste, so often there is no right or wrong, just “like” or “don’t like”.

How a recruiting video works and how you can use them for your business

But many recruiting videos have clearly shown what works and what not! The recruiting video has two success factors: they work when they go away from the classic advertising slogans and instead let the employee tell the story. And the film has to give insights into the work and working atmosphere. Specifically, that means a background speaker who says “we are the most beautiful, biggest, greatest company” is taboo, as well as smiling employees filmed one after another in front of a white wall without actually working.

These factors make a recruiting video great

A good recruiting video tets the employee speak authentically, gives insights into his work and shows him in detail at work. When these factors are met, the video will be well received by potential applicants. Why? Because the viewer and potential applicant realizes that the employee is honest and free to tell. In addition, the applicant wants to know what is not written in any job advertisement: What exactly does the work to be done look like, what exactly does the workplace look like (photos can be retouched, film not) and how is the working atmosphere.

What expectations of a recruiting video are realistic

With the help of such recruiting videos, additional applications can be generated, but the most important thing is that these applications are better qualified when inviting them for the interview. Because the applicants who have seen such a video can better estimate how well they fit into the job and if the job meets their expectations as well. In addition, the interviews are more efficient, because you will directly talk about specific detail and not about the job profile in general, because this information has already been communicated extensively through the video.

Especially promising for trainees

Especially noteworthy achievements have recruiting videos shown that are targeting new apprentices for the advertising company. Especially if these videos are shown in regional cinemas and advertised on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Because especially the social networks offer the opportunity to show a video to a exactly targeted audience. According to age, place of residence and interests, potential apprentices can be reached precisely. And the format of “video” is best for reaching young viewers.