Dreamy Film Look or Blurry Mess? Lensbaby Sol 45mm review

Getting a dreamy film look, like a memory or flashback can be done in two ways. The first method is to shoot video and add a blur, distortion or diffusion effect in post. The second method involves a special effect lens with distortion so you can see immediately while shooting how this effect looks like.

The Sol 45mm F/3.5 is such a distortion lens that blurs most of the image with a unique bokeh. It’s an all manual lens that has a fixed aperture, so it’s always stuck at F/3.5. The ring at the very front is a focus ring and the bigger one behind serves a special function. It changes the blur effect. By tilting the ring in any direction, the area that is distorted changes. The part that is in focus can be a little tricky to make out when using this lens for the first few times. Because the area that is in focus isn’t very big. Having focus peaking in-camera is a very helpful feature to determine the focus area. The Sol 45 cannot replace a regular prime lens but rather is an addition for special shoots. For shooting these types of dreamy sequences this lens does a good job especially when considering the price of $200.

I also used this lens to create sort of a miniature effect in one of our night timelapse videos. But it’s not really meant for this type of effect. There are more dedicated lenses to get a proper miniature effect such as tilt-shift lenses which are quite expensive and usually used for architectural photography. So overall it’s best to only use it for flashbacks or dream sequences.

A good fit in terms of size and ergonomics: The Lensbaby Sol 45 on the Fujifilm X-H1

It’s not easy to simulate the same look in a video editing software but it’s definitely possible to create a dreamy look with blur and distortion effects when using masks, even though it’s not going to look the same. So the real question is: How much time do you want to spend filming outside or in front of the computer editing and applying such effects?

I don’t think this is a lens for a lot of people or a lot of use cases. Even I had this lens for 18 months and only used it five or six times. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad lens. It’s best to be used for portrait photo shoots or narrative storytelling and for that, this type of lens can be fun to use.

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Written by filmmaker Moritz Janisch on September 7, 2020

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