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A review video gives an experts opinion on a product and the expert shows how to use the product as well as points out the highlights. This builds high trust among potential customers and can heavily increase product sales.
Full production costs for product review video: 1490$
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A product review helps your customer to better understand the functions and
advantages of your product and is an effective tool to increase sales.

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Marcel Fenchel: Director & Scriptwriter
I am your first point of contact and also your contact person during the production. I am the one directing your shoot and from start to end, I am always there for you.
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Moritz Janisch: Cameraman & Editor
I am the one filming your video in the best possible way. I choose the right gear and create the perfect shots for your video. Afterwards I am also the responsible editor.
Stephen Crilley rated on Google
Great working with you, everything is always done very professionally and you are an extremely reliable company to do business with. Looking forward to our next project together.
Rob Sari rated on Google
Very uncomplicated film team, with which work is really fun. From the fast response time to the professional production, the collaboration has inspired me. Absolute recommendation!
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Marcel Fenchel


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FAQ product review video
In a product review video an expert on the subject explains the product to your audience. We believe that it is important to explain the features of a product and name the highlights, but also show how the products is functioning and how to use it. Last but not least, the video should get to the point on who the product is interesting for. The audience appreciates this format because it shows them in an interesting way what they can do with the product. The format is also authentic and not one of these overloaded commercials promising the customer the world. Product review videos are a succesfull way to approach your preferred audience.
Depending on the target customer group, the product film can go into great detail and explain specific characteristics that may not be understood by viewers from outside the field. For the creation of a product video in Frankfurt, close cooperation with a specialist who is very familiar with the product is indispensable. The challenge is to explain the complex characteristics of the product in comprehensible sentences as simply as possible. The product video saves the customer time during research because it provides him with an accurate and direct solution to his problem.
The production of a product video in Frankfurt is particularly useful if it is a new or an upgraded product. Especially if the product includes functions that are not yet known, a product video can save a lot of time that would otherwise be lost during presentations. New products have to be presented to different parties again and again. Supervisors, business partners, product testers and finally the customer. A product video offers the possibility to answer the basic questions without having to spend your own time doing them repeatedly. The video also offers the possibility to understand the connections more easily, because the combination of seeing and hearing makes it easier for the viewer to understand the product.

The function to be seen should be explained at the same moment by a background speaker in order to achieve the best effect of the product video. Maybe you have tried explaining a product on the phone or seen pictures of a product? Explaining only by speech or only by pictures takes longer and is more difficult to understand than the meaningful combination of picture and sound in a product video. Because the viewer gets the right explanation for what he sees at the right moment.

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