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As a service provider, you sell a service, and therefore customers also commission the service provider whom they trust to carry out their task to their satisfaction. You can quickly build up trust using a corporate video Frankfurt, where you can show yourself, and give insight about your company and the way it works.

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Corporate video Frankfurt sample

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Corporate video Frankfurt content

A corporate video Frankfurt presents the services or products of a company and shows the work processes, the employees and the business premises. The film must look good as well as be presented in a target-oriented manner. The focus should not only be on the company, but the benefit of what it has to offer its customers. Complex services with different process steps are shown to the customer in an understandable and descriptive way. Personal words from the managing director or an employee to the viewer reduce disparity and strengthen trust.

The optimal length for a corporate video Frankfurt

The ideal length for a corporate video Frankfurt is between 90 and 120 seconds, i.e. a maximum length of 2 minutes. Because viewers often click away after two minutes. Not because they don’t like the image film, but because viewers on the Internet are used to viewing shorter videos. 30 seconds of commercials on social media platforms or 4 seconds of moving image displays have changed the behavior of viewers. It is therefore important to get your message to the heart of the matter in a short time, using sensible sentence structures and good wording.

The film production process for corporate videos

First, ideas are collected and a screenplay is created. As soon as the script is finished, a shooting date is arranged. It is important that the employees are informed about the presence of the film team and that the company premises are properly prepared. The shooting of a corporate video in Frankfurt does not take longer than one day. After the film shots are “in the box”, the narrator’s text is spoken, suitable music is chosen and the film shots are trimmed together into an appealing film that is well received by the audience.

Spread corporate video and reach your audience

The Internet offers fast and efficient distribution options to reach new customers in Frankfurt or even nationwide, who have not yet been contacted. Your own website, YouTube, Facebook and other platforms offer contact points to potential customers where you can record an excellent image film to draw attention to your company at all time. The film fulfills its task when the viewer continues to engage more intensively with the presented company after watching the video.

When is a corporate video Frankfurt useful?

A corporate video Frankfurt is not always the right advertising medium! In this section you will find out in what situations an image film will actually be useful to you, and when it would be better to use other marketing instruments. If your target group is not online at all, a corporate video Frankfurt will not be of much help to you, because then you can only show the film at trade fairs or on a screen in your shop window, provided you have one. A film can even be harmful if you run a business that is meaningful and important, but nobody really wants to look behind the scenes of a surgical practice or a funeral service. In these cases, other advertising media are simply better suited. However, if your target group is on the Internet, you should definitely think about a film, because an image film can be distributed online via social networks, websites and forums excellently and above all free of charge and target-oriented. By making your customers know where you are, you will attract new customers who have not yet been reached. In addition, the medium film itself offers the following advantages: As a service provider, you become accessible to your customers via a film and can present yourself as a competent contact person and convince your customers about yourself with authenticity. In addition, a film makes it easier for customers to understand services and processes, because a combination of image and sound is simply more descriptive than photos or texts.

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