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Find out how employees search for jobs, what they pay attention to, and why they don’t (still) end up with you.
Learn about how a recruiting video Frankfurt will help you to source the badly needed employees.

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How employees search for jobs and (not) choose you

  • Companies compete for employees, employees have the choice.
  • Companies must therefore "sell" a job and advertise it strategically.
  • A job ad is one of many ads in a long list.
  • Titles and short descriptions of ads must have the same structure as advertisements.
  • Many job ads do not generate any applications.
  • A job ad requires the creation of a landing page to generate conversions (applications).
  • Many companies do not answer the most important question: "What would it be like to work in this company?"
  • Companies must make it possible, so that the ads show what it means to work for them.
  • Applicants want to gain authentic insights into everyday working life
  • Employees who talk about their workplace in front of the camera are more convincing than anything else.
Facts worth knowing about a recruiting video Frankfurt

How recruiting video Frankfurt works

A good recruiting video Frankfurt deviates from the classic advertising formulations and allows the employee to speak with authenticity, gives him insights into his work, and shows him in detail at work. The video is well received by potential candidates, if these factors are met. Why? Because the viewer and potential applicants feel that the employee is honest and outspoken. Also, the applicant wants to know what exactly is not in the job ad: What exactly is the work to be done, what exactly does the workplace look like, and what is the working atmosphere and colleagues like?

What you can expect from a recruiting video Frankfurt

With the help of a recruiting video Frankfurt, more applications can be submitted, which also have a higher degree of qualification. Applicants who have seen such a video before, can better assess how well they fit into the position and whether the position meets their expectations. Also, the interviews are more efficient, as more detail questions are discussed directly and less about the job, as this information has already been communicated in detail via the recruiting video.

Recruiting video Frankfurt suitable for trainees

Recruiting video Frankfurt aimes to attract new trainees to your company. Especially when these videos are shown in regional cinemas, and advertised on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. The social networks in particular, offer the opportunity to present a video to specific targeted groups. In this way, potential trainees can be contacted exactly according to their age, place of residence and interests. The video format is best received by young target groups.

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