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The YouTube channel of Fenchel & Janisch Film production has over 30 million video views and 200,000 subscribers. We’ll help you set up or expand your YouTube channel: Production of the videos, campaign planning, generating numerous video views.

For inquiries please send an e-mail to project(at)fenchel-janisch.com or call contact person Mr. Marcel Fenchel at +49 69 264 927 21.

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YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine

When it comes to video marketing the key factor is the video platform, the second largest search engine in the world after Google, being increasingly used to search for products and services. With a video of our film production in Frankfurt, YouTube addresses completely new customers who have not yet been reached. The younger target groups in particular use YouTube as a search engine. By linking Google and YouTube Marketing with the appropriate search engine optimization, the video for relevant keywords is found not only on YouTube but also on Google. Since only one to two videos appear under the search results on Google a video particularly stands out and is clicked therefore more frequently than the search results for Internet sites.

YouTube videos attract more visitors to your website

Potential new customers can access the YouTube video directly via search results. For a video from Frankfurt to be successfully viewed on YouTube, it should not be longer than 90 – 120 seconds. Also, the video should articulate a clear call to action so that the viewer either makes direct contact with the company or visits its website to find out more about its offers.

More contact through video marketing

Furthermore, YouTube Marketing offers the possibility to get in direct contact with potential customers. The viewers who are interested in the offers send messages via YouTube and write comments and questions under the video. The YouTube Player can be easily integrated into your own website by simply “copy & paste”. Also, the video is automatically distributed by interested viewers via forums, blogs and websites. This viral effect makes it possible to reach many viewers and potential new customers without you having to use your own distribution activities and video marketing. Posting videos on YouTube is completely free and easy to use.
Why YouTube Marketing Works so Well
Video marketing works so well because most customers like videos and surf online. That’s why it has to be added that online video marketing is the main focus. With online video marketing, it is exactly the opposite of television advertising: No large and expensive 30 seconds of videos are required. But inexpensive and small videos of up to two minutes for the viewer relevant topics treat. Today, viewers and customers long for authenticity and are no longer impressed by elaborate TV commercials that nobody wants to see. This offers companies completely new possibilities and enormous opportunities. The viewer would like to be honestly and authentically informed by video marketing and receive information which offer him a genuine increase in value.
Online video marketing is IN television advertising is OUT
A flashy commercial with loud sounds and “great, faster, cheaper! Cheaper!!!” goes in one ear and leaves in the other. Video marketing, on the other hand, moves away from the actual product/service and offers the customer added value. For example, a muesli manufacturer could create a series of video marketing on the subject of “how to eat healthy” or a car tire manufacturer could create a series of videos in which he shows the best tips to quickly and easily change his car tires. This added value remains with the viewer and he will appreciate this valuable information. At the same time, such video marketing gives the company the certainty that it is really about the customer and not just a quick sale. This is a very sensible strategy especially in the long run and the costs for online video marketing are clearly lower than the costs for TV advertising.

Learn how to effectively implement the 10 free video marketing tools to reach many new customers for your services.

• YouTube: Which adjusting screws you have to turn in order to place the video at the front.

• Facebook: Why videos rank better than texts and photos and how to use them for yourself.

• E-Mail Signature: Clever way to automatically distribute your video several times a day.

• Networks: You can reach new potential customers via LinkedIn, Xing and Co.

• Homepage: Perfectly integrate the video into your own website.

• Industry portals: How to stand out from the competition with a video.

• E-mail: Use video marketing skillfully without spamming.

• Blogs: How to post the video in relevant blogs to accurately reach your target group.

• Forums: Which forums & fairs are best suited to distribute your video.

• Trade fairs: Which Forums & Fairs are best suited to distribute your video.

Increase accessibility with Video SEO

With the help of Video SEO, your website can easily be accessed because YouTube videos are seen as positive signals. To start with Video SEO you can use a series of small expert videos in which you answer the most frequently asked questions of your customers. This provides 3 added values: 1. the videos help your customers further 2. the videos save you time with the recurring answering of basic questions and 3. thus you have equal content for your video SEO. The videos are uploaded to YouTube and placed on the corresponding subject pages of your website. Also, Video SEO helps to increase the time, the visitor stays on your site through the video which helps your overall search engine optimization.

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