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Parallax Effect – filmmaking tutorial

What is the parallax effect? Parallax is a visual effect in which the camera is in motion and the foreground and background appear to move at different speeds. Either the background moves faster than the subject in front or opposite,

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Best video export settings for YouTube & archive – Premiere Pro CC

If you have a graphics card that support GPU acceleration, make sure to change the “Performance” in the “Encoding Settings” to “Hardware Encoding”. This can make the process of rendering and exporting the video much faster. If you don’t have a fast graphics card you can simply leave this setting at “Software Encoding”

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Tutorial: Minimalistic Lower Thirds

Learn how to quickly create and design minimalistic lower thirds in Adobe After Effects CC in our video editing tutorial. Lower Thirds are essential graphics in corporate videos, documentaries , tv news or even for social media content. Moritz shows

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Telephoto hyperlapse tutorial (hand-held)

In this tutorial I will you how to get to the next level in timelapse photography. Learn how to shoot hand-held hyperlapses with a tele-photo zoom lens (70-300mm). No slider, motorized gear or tripod necessary! Something you don’t see often

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PowerDirector365 overview and tutorial

Most video editing software aren’t exactly cheap or if they are cheap, they lack features and are slow to use. We teamed up with Cyberlink to give an overview of their latest version of PowerDirector, which is an affordable editing

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How to turn HD videos into 8K

With a variety of video resolutions, it can be frustrating to adjust al of them in one project without seeing an obvious difference between each shot. I often have clients or agencies who provide us with logo animations or footage

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