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How to shoot city night timelapses

Night timelapses look unique because of the long exposure shots that are combined in to a sequence that then plays back as a video. Most DSLRs, mirrorless cameras and even phones can do that as long as they have a

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How to stabilize shaky hand-held footage

Stabilization programs have been around for a couple of years now. The most popular tool is probably Adobe’s Warp Stabilizer which was first integrated in After Effects CS5.5 as well as Premiere Pro CS6 and newer versions. Below is a

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How to get sharp and detailed videos

First off there is not one perfect solution to get a sharp image (video) but as usual there are a few components that come together to create a detailed image… I had the idea to write this post and make

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DSLR tutorial How to get great audio

I decided to put together a little video that shows the benefits and downsides of using a DSLR and an external recorder to capture audio. I remember the times when most DSLRs didn’t have manual audio levels; there was no

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Canon EOS 7D overview & setup guide

The Canon EOS 7D has been the camera that got us into DSLR filmmaking and we have used it for about four years on a daily basis. It surely is outdated in terms of features and the overall look of

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