Making Of: Watch how we shot and edited a flow motion timelapse film

We recently released a flow motion timelapse film that we produced for Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof hotel in Downtown featuring shots of the hotel itself as well as the main tourism spots of the city. You can watch it below in 4K:

The goal was to create a video that teasers the highlights of the hotel and that gives the viewers a glimpse at Frankfurt. We didn’t want to do a classic, static fast motion video but something more dynamic to be precise without any visible cuts. Find out more about how we did that in our Making Of video which you can watch below:

Even though this project was rather heavy on the editing side than the actual shoot it was definitely fun to make and also challenging because we never did a fast motion project like this before. We did a lot of night timelapse shoots over the past few years using motorized pan-and-tilt heads as well as sliders but these projects took more time to setup and shoot then to edit. With this flow motion project, it was definitely the opposite case.

We shot the film using multiple cameras at the same time, mainly the Fujifim X-H1 and the older X-T2. We didn’t use any sliders or motorized heads but simply photo tripods and animated all motion in post using Adobe After Effects CC. The good thing about newer cameras like the Fuji’s is that besides being great work horses in any kind of shooting and weather condition, they shoot raw photos in a high resolution. 6000×4000 pixels is not too bad when working in a UHD (3840×2160) timeline. It definitely left space for cropping and reframing some shots.

Like I mentioned in the Making Of video it’s important to know before shooting how the film could look like and already plan transitions and camera moves to be able to get the best possible results in post without needing to fix too much.

Written by Moritz Janisch on October 3, 2018

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