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Why Choose Fenchel And Janisch
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Marcel Fenchel: Director & Scriptwriter
I am your first point of contact and also your contact person during the production. I am the one directing your shoot and from start to end, I am always there for you.
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Moritz Janisch: Cameraman & Editor
I am the one filming your video in the best possible way. I choose the right gear and create the perfect shots for your video. Afterwards I am also the responsible editor.
Stephen Crilley rated on Google
Great working with you, everything is always done very professionally and you are an extremely reliable company to do business with. Looking forward to our next project together.
Rob Sari rated on Google
Very uncomplicated film team, with which work is really fun. From the fast response time to the professional production, the collaboration has inspired me. Absolute recommendation!
FAQ testimonial video
There is nothing better than customers who speak positively about their own company, and this can be done using a customer testimonial video. In order for them not only to do this once, but time and again we capture these customer voices with a video and turn it into a video that you can integrate perfectly into your marketing in Frankfurt. However, it is not necessary that the customer who speaks is very experienced in front of the camera.
The statement appears much more natural and authentic in the form of a testimonial video, especially for customers without camera experience. Of course, it is always important to create a calm atmosphere so that the customer can relax in front of the camera. The video works best when a particular interview is conducted in which the customer is asked various questions about the cooperation. There should be open questions so that the customer can describe from his point of view what he likes about the cooperation with the provider.
When the customer is in front of the camera, a relaxed atmosphere should be created and it should be made known to the customer that mistakes are not a problem, and that you do not expect a professional in front of the camera. If the customer is very nervous, a trick often helps to start by saying that a test shot will be taken, which takes off a lot of pressure. Of course, during the test shot, the customer will be correctly recorded so that the great testimonials are created in a very relaxed atmosphere, so that the customer will be surprised how quickly it went and that it did not cause harm.
The production procedure of a corporate video starts with a talk about what kind of staff you are looking for. The next important thing is, that we talk about which advantages your company is offering in comparison to other companies. We often have the case that a company is not aware about how good their advantages are compared to others. So we can also help you to find out what these advantages are. After that, we would look for employees in your company that can speak in front oft he camera, define questions for the interviews and talk about which areas of the company should be shown. The next step is the shoot which takes usually one day and after the shoot the recruiting video will be edited in the post production process.
The typical approach to produce a testimonial video is, that you put the person giving the testimonial, in front of the camera and let them talk about what they like about your company, what advantages they see in what your offering and what they enjoy most about the collaboration. It’s also advised to show the person giving the testimonial in his working environment to increase the visual attraction of the testimonial video.
Shooting a testimonial video actually doesn’t take long, because it is only the interview that needs to be shot plus optionally some b-roll shot oft he person in this working environment. The shoot only takes about two hours to cover one person.
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