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We are specialized in creating documentaries in a style that works without any voice over or third party comment. We exclusively let the characters in front of the camera speak. Of course we ask them questions and the questions that you want to be ask, but we don’t influence the result by commenting their statements or adding a voice over text to the video. That concept is therefore very authentic and appreciated by the audience. It is also a bit more creative than a regular TV documentary about a topic. We are experienced in interviewing all kinds of different people with different backgrounds for such a documentary and we can always adjust to the person that is in front of the camera to make them feel comfortable to talk.


Catching a city’s vibes and showing the audience what it feels like to live there is our concept for a documentary about a city. We let very different kinds of people who either work or live in that particular city speak about what they like, what they do and of course let them also talk about what they would improve in that city if they could. We believe that real residents or at least people who come to a city on a daily basis can give the most interesting insights and show you the secret spots in town. A city documentary in that style can take you on an unexpected journey and let’s you see things, that your regular travel guide would have never shown you.

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