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A timelapse Frankfurt turns hours into seconds and visual highlights are created by speed and light.

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Timelapse Frankfurt sample

Thats how your timelapse could look like

These timelapse Frankfurt show the city of Frankfurt as well as other motives, both during the day and at night, each consisting of over 2,000 individual photos. Every single second of the video consists of 24 different photos taken at different intervals. The video production of a time lapse in Frankfurt is therefore very time-consuming. The best shots at night can be taken in winter because there is a higher chance of a clear sky. Daytime shots often work best when the sun is shining, which is why organizing the shooting for a timelapse can be a challenge. But the time lapse in Frankfurt offers great visual highlights through the combination of speed and light.

A timelapse Frankfurt is not only suitable for the presentation of visual highlights but also for the documentation of long events or construction sites, where the aim is to document the course of events over days or weeks. First the motives are planned, as soon as the film motives are determined, it is important to look exactly at the film location to determine from which positions the camera can take the best pictures. For time-lapse shots, the location of the camera must be permanently suitable, as the camera is fixed in place – even if only for a few hours – and cannot be flexibly carried around by a cameraman as is the case with normal film shots.

A large part of the preparations is completed as soon as the positions are fixed. Furthermore, other weather influences such as rain or storm have to be taken into consideration. Especially for long-term outdoor time lapses, rain protection is indispensable for the camera. Once the recordings have been started it is important to check the cameras regularly during the production of the timelapse video Frankfurt because technical defects can never be completely eliminated. Therefore, it is important to secure the film footage in time, throughout the current production. As soon as all film recordings have been made, all images are put together in the editing program, to form a finished time-lapse.

Hyperlapse Frankfurt

Timelapse Frankfurt

Making of a timelapse

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