Canon EOS 7D overview & setup guide

The Canon EOS 7D has been the camera that got us into DSLR filmmaking and we have used it for about four years on a daily basis. It surely is outdated in terms of features and the overall look of the image but because we are asked daily how to set the camera up for filmmaking we decided to put together a short guide.


I talk about moiré/aliasing, low light performance, audio and everything you need to know if you are new to using the 7D. The video takes a look at the features and how to use them. The second part of the video is all about buttons and menus.
You can watch the 10-minute video guide below:

A lot of the mentioned points in the video can also be applied to the Canon T3i (600D) and 60D.
Just because we made this guide doesn’t mean we recommend buying the Canon 7D in 2014. There are so many interesting cameras coming out every day that are way better in terms of features and image quality.
The only time we use the camera is for shooting a timelapse because it captures photos are in 5K.

I listed my recommended DSLR’s for you here!

Written by Moritz Janisch

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