How to get sharp and detailed videos

First off there is not one perfect solution to get a sharp image (video) but as usual there are a few components that come together to create a detailed image… I had the idea to write this post and make a tutorial because there are a lot of people who still don’t understand why it is best to shoot with a flat picture profile. Most DSLRs have a few picture styles and on every camera it has to be adjusted a little bit different but the goal is always the same: Getting the most dynamic range and detail out of the camera.

Written by Moritz Janisch

The in-camera-sharpness is normal but in most digital cameras you can’t turn it down except professional cameras and DSLRs. Because it’s just adding digital sharpness your video won’t be more detailed it will just make the whole image look unprofessional and less detailed. The comparison below says it all…

In a direct comparison the right shot looks almost blurry but the left shot is totally over sharped and the edges of the buildings are really sticking out. Adding sharpness in post is not an ideal solution but still the best for DSLR footage. The great news is that it really gets sharper and you see the details much better. On the other hand make sure to keep the sharpening level down or some artifacts might occur. It’s just the same as with color correction: Don’t overdo it or the image might fall apart.

Below you can watch the quick tutorial which covers the basics of getting the best quality out of your video!

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