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What (editing) software do you use?

We are using Adobe Premiere Pro for standard editing and Adobe After Effects for color grading, special effects, timelapses and animation. For other applications we use the Adobe Creative Suite (for example Photoshop).

How do the color grading presets work?

We made a detailed video that takes a look at how to install and customize our free color grading presets for Adobe After Effects.

Which and how many cameras do you own?

We tested several cameras over the last years, that doesn’t mean we own any of them. We currently mainly use Fujifilm cameras.

Which camera should I buy?

There is no perfect or best camera! But we regularly review cameras here on our blog.

What kind of job do you have?

We are a film production company based in Frankfurt, Germany. We mostly produce videos in the corporate environment like corporate videos, product videos, social media tralers or video portraits.

What is “Format Frankfurt”?

Format Frankfurt is a movie we made about the German city Frankfurt and its people. It was entirely shot with DSLRs. The full-length documentary will be released in 2013. You can watch the trailer here:

Did you go to film school?

No, we taught everything ourselves.

More questions that you asked us answered:

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