Moza Air 2 review: A gimbal that gets the job done!

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The Moza Air 2 is a hand-held camera stabilizer designed for mirrorless cameras, DSLRs and cinema cameras with a payload of up to 4.2kg.

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The gimbal is easy to balance and setup. It even has an automatic calibration feature which helps to get the best out of the stabilizer and pretty much makes it idiot proof.

Even though I was not a big fan of the original Moza Air gimbal because it didn’t have any unique features at the time, the Air 2 is definitely a great update.

The joystick is very responsive which means the different axis can be controlled very precise and smooth.

The stabilizer also can be used in combination with the iFocus system to control the focus of the lens used on the camera. The follow focus works well both with cinema glass as well as with photo lenses but takes a few minutes to setup. It can either be mounted on the left or right side of the lens by using a rod. When turning the wheel on the gimbal’s grip very fast the cut teeth of the lens and the cut teeth of the follow focus can disconnect because they are rotating too fast. Luckily this doesn’t happen at normal speeds.

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Great for bigger camera Setups, the Air 2

By using the Moza app the gimbal can also capture a veriety of motion timelapses when using Nikon, Canon or Sony cameras.

The gimbal also offers a sports mode that means the axis follow very fast instead of slow which allows for quick pans and fast motion which can be useful for filming sports and action scenes.

Even though gimbals are often used in combination with wide-angle lenses to get a wide field of view and to usually follow a person I often film between 50mm and 100mm and rather use the stabilizer for shots that would typically be captured with a slider or a crane. But that’s the good thing about gimbals in general. They are versatile and should not only be used for walking shots but also for slower motion.

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Doesn’t need complicated balancing thanks to auto calibration

A very useful feature of the Air 2 is this little switch which can lock the roll axis. This is especially useful when walking but not filming and just carrying the gimbal in one hand. This also prevents the axis from bouncing around and hitting each other which could damage the gimbal.

Even though the battery life is amazingly long, the placement of the batteries inside the grip is rather annoying because it’s tricky to actually get them out for charging.

The long battery life, the reliable follow focus, the overall robust and well designed gimbal make this stabilizer a great choice for professional cameraman and filmmakers who need to use big cameras on long shooting days and don’t mind the extra weight and size of a bigger gimbal.

Written by filmmaker Moritz Janisch, December 2018

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