Tripod stability arm for sliders

Everybody who owns a long slider knows the trouble of making sure the slider is steady and stable. When only mounting one tripod in the middle it’s almost impossible to get a straight shot while moving the camera from one end to the other: The slider will move up and down due to the camera’s weight. The obvious and normal solution is to put one tripod on each end of the slider and maybe even a third one in the middle. But that always means carrying extra tripods.


Konova came up with a simple but brilliant idea and solution. An arm that is connected with one end of the slider and supported by one tripod in the middle of the slider. Even with you don’t own a Konova slider it’s possible to attach the arm to your slider. All the slider needs is a ¼” screw hole to be connected to the stability arm. N the other end is a c-clamp that can be adjusted to fit the tripod’s leg.

Watch our video overview with sample shots below:

As I mentioned in the video I definitely recommend using two arms just to make a 100% sure nothing moves and when using heavy cameras. The total length of the arm is 57cm when being completely extended which should be long enough to connect the slider with the tripod.



You can buy the Konova Tripod Stability Arm for Sliders HERE!

Written by Moritz Janisch

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