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When is a video production Frankfurt useful?

For service providers

Customers choose the service provider they are most likely to trust will execute their order to their satisfaction. A video in which customers can see how you speak, you look and present yourself builds a lot of trust; for this, a Video Production in Frankfurt will give different helpful proposals.

If you get orders through recommendations

Why not further increase this effect with a video in which customers talk in front of the camera about why they enjoy working with you. In the future, you will send the video out with all enquiries and also advertise the video on all online channels as a referrer.

For services and products in need of explanation
The combination of watching and hearing (image and sound) makes it much easier for the viewer to understand complex facts. Think of someone who explains something to you using a model compared to a text you read on your own.

When is a video not necessary?

You provide standardized services

For example, you own a taxi company. The customer here can assume that every taxi will take him to his destination. Surely you can still improve or stand out with your service, but a video won’t make much difference. We are telling our clients honestly if a video will help them or not.

If you sell beyond the price

As the cheapest provider, you could raise false expectations with your customers with a great video, thus making cooperation more difficult for yourself. Here a video would instead be counterproductive.

Nobody wants to see what you do

Your performance is meaningful and important, but no one really wants to look behind the scenes of a funeral home or surgery. Here other media are simply better suited than a video production.


That’s how your video could look like. We at video production Frankfurt enjoy producing high-quality videos that exactly meet your needs.​
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Video production. Made in Frankfurt.


Why Choose Fenchel And Janisch
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Our samples should help you imagine what your future video could look like. If you don’t see any sample that you like our that is in line with your industry, please let us know and we will surely find samples for your video type and industry as well.
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Marcel Fenchel: Director & Scriptwriter
I am your first point of contact and also your contact person during the production. I am the one directing your shoot and from start to end, I am always there for you.

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Moritz Janisch: Cameraman & Editor
I am the one filming your video in the best possible way. I choose the right gear and create the perfect shots for your video. Afterwards I am also the responsible editor.

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Our video skills for you
Fenchel & Janisch film production, produces professional videos for companies of all sizes and industries. Portrait videos for self-employed persons, such as tax consultants or lawyers, image films primarily for companies in the service sector and promotional films for corporate clients are produced flexibly and cost-efficiently. The focus and the specialization are on the production of videos for internet use. Films which should be well received on the Internet have other characteristics which are different television advertising or cinema spots; and as a video production frankfurt, we apply our knowledge of 30 million video views on YouTube to your video project as well. The Fenchel & Janisch YouTube channel has been running since 2011, showing tutorials on all aspects of filmmaking. Videos that are shown on the Internet must be short and straight to the point. Videos longer than 2 minutes are often not viewed to the end by the viewer. Not because the viewer is not interested in the topic, but because the viewer’s attention span has decreased. 4 seconds of commercials on YouTube or 30 seconds of social media videos on Facebook have conditioned viewers to ultra-short videos. Online videos have to react to this development! Fenchel & Janisch Film production does not see this situation as a challenge, but as a great opportunity to think about the actual advantages of their customers’ services and how these advantages can be summed up in a few sentences.
Stephen Crilley rated on Google
Great working with you, everything is always done very professionally and you are an extremely reliable company to do business with. Looking forward to our next project together.
Rob Sari rated on Google
Very uncomplicated film team, with which work is really fun. From the fast response time to the professional production, the collaboration has inspired me. Absolute recommendation!
Why choose us
Video production Frankfurt services
In what type of video are you interested?
Corporate video

A corporate video Frankfurt presents a company with its products or services, and explains exactly what advantages the company offers.

Customer testimonial video
A customer testimonial video is your virtual referrer. Customers talk in front of the camera about why they enjoy working with you and what it means to them.
In a timelapse process, many individual photos are merged to form a fast-paced video. Hours become seconds.
Recruiting video

A recruiting video Frankfurt makes working at your company a real experience and you give the potential applicant realistic insights into everyday working life.

Tourism video
A tourism video presents a tourist region and shows potential holidaymakers, what the destination has to offer, that will stimulate their desire for more.
Event video
An event video captures events in moving images and thus also allows people who cannot be personally present to participate.
Advertising film
An advertising film combines sophisticated film techniques with unusual motifs, thereby creating real visual highlights.
Portrait video
A portrait video presents a person and your activity or passion. This person talks about a topic and can also be seen in action.
Video marketing

Video marketing via YouTube creates a new coverage to reach customers who have not yet been reached.

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