Best settings for exporting video and the ideal web compression

Last week we introduced the user request series in which we pick one question or topic per episode and talk about different solutions. Many videos will be just simple and straight to the point tutorials but in other videos we will give tips and advice for filmmakers.

Written by Moritz Janisch

The second tutorial request is about the ideal settings for archiving your films. There are a lot of file formats and codecs and you might get lost in this jungle but there is one future proof way of archiving: Exporting your film in single frames. The new standard is DPX which is used by many post production houses to add visual effects. Another option is TIFF or JPEG.

But if this kind of archiving is too complex or expensive for you I recommend exporting your films as ProRes or DNxHD files.

Watch the tutorial below to get detailed information plus the best export settings for Vimeo and YouTube!

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