Corporate video

The corporate video gives your potential customers a first impression about your company. It shows the company building or location, as well as the employees and work processes to inform the viewer about your working methods.

The film has to look good but also deliver interesting content. The company should not focus to much on itself but on the benefit of their services or products for the customer. Complex services with various process steps are explained to the customer in a clear and descriptive way. Personal words of the managing director or an employee to the audience builds up trust.

Which companys benefit most from using corporate video

A corporate video is useful for companies that want to offer their customers the opportunity to inform themselves about the company in a clear and easy-to-understand way – around the clock – because the corporate video can be viewed at any time online. In addition, the film helps companies to stand out among their competitors and attract the customers attention because many other companies do not use videos at all. By working with compact cameras and digital film editing, production is no longer as complex as it used to be and can therefore be produced on affordable budgets.

What do I do with the corporate video?

The possible uses are versatile. The Internet offers fast and efficient distribution options to reach new customers in Manila, but also country-wide, that have not yet been addressed. Your website, YouTube, Facebook and other platforms on the Internet offer points of reach your potential customers and catch their attention with a well made and informative corporate video about your company. The film has fulfilled its task when the viewer, after watching the video continues to engage more intensively with the company presented.

What should be considered?

First, a script is created that consists of two parts. The spoken content and the film shots to be made. The content part consists of a narration or statements of the management or the employees. In the cinematic part the required recordings are written down. It is important to make sure that voice over and images shown always fit perfectly together. For example, if the spokesperson in the image film talks about the committed employees, then these employees should also be shown while working at this moment.

When preparing the voice over script, we ensure it doesnt exceed a length of about 250 words. This corresponds to a spoken length of 2 minutes and is a well working length for a corporate video, because viewers often don’t finish watching videos that are longer than two minutes.

The production process of a corporate video

As soon as the script is finished a shooting date will be set. Here it is important that the employees are informed about the presence of the film team and the business premises are properly prepared. The shooting usually takes not more than one day. After the filming is done, the voice over is recorded, a suitable music is selected and the film footage is cut together to create an appealing result.