EZ Box softbox for Amaran 528 and 672 LED lights

We do like our Aputure Amaran 528 lights. We often use them on smaller shoots especially if time and space is limited. They are small, lightweight but still produce enough light to shoot an interview indoors.


Aputure has designed a softbox kit for the 528 and 672 LEDs to diffuse and soften the light. The so called “EZ Box” is easy to set up: A mount for two sticks needs to be screwed on the left and right side of the LED. The box (with the reflectors inside) can be folded and has a Velcro fastener to close it. The sticks need to be stuck into the mounts and through the elastic band of the box to tighten it so it doesn’t fall off. The white diffuser which is folded like a little tissue has an elastic band on all four sides. Those bands need to be stretched and put over every bracket at the end of the four sticks. That way the diffuser is strongly attached and doesn’t move around. Even though the diffuser might seem a little bit small while attaching it to the brackets it definitely will fit. It’s just very tight.


As you can see the softbox is really easy to set up and it’s also small in size which makes sense because the Amaran 528 lights are very compact too. The setup with the sticks may seem a bit funny in the beginning but it’s all for a reason and it’s very well designed.


There is also an additional 35° grid available to control the beam angle more precise. The grid is very useful if you want to separate fore- and background, for example a person sitting in the middle of the room.

Just keep in mind that the EZ Box is only designed to fit the Aputure 528 and 672 LED lights. When attached to the LED the box leaves the ventilation holes (on the sides of the) open. If the box would cover this area the lights could heat up and turn off which definitely shouldn’t happen during a shoot. That’s also why it doesn’t make sense to use other softboxes with these lights or the other way around.


The photo above shows the little bag that includes the diffuser, the four sticks (with the brackets) and the two screw-mounts. The box and the 35° grid come in a separate packaging.

The EZBox is coming in two versions. The “plus” version comes with the 35° grid and the regular EZBox without it.

You can buy the EZBox without the grid HERE at B&H.

And you can buy the EZBox+ with the 35° grid HERE at B&H.

Written by Moritz Janisch

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