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If you are still thinking about whether a film could make sense for you and your company, our guide will help you find out exactly what you need to know. If you have already decided to produce a film, the following tips and tricks will help you achieve the best result - and a film production in Frankfurt will also be very help.

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Marcel Fenchel: Director & Scriptwriter
I am your first point of contact and also your contact person during the production. I am the one directing your shoot and from start to end, I am always there for you.
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Moritz Janisch: Cameraman & Editor
I am the one filming your video in the best possible way. I choose the right gear and create the perfect shots for your video. Afterwards I am also the responsible editor.
Stephen Crilley rated on Google
Great working with you, everything is always done very professionally and you are an extremely reliable company to do business with. Looking forward to our next project together.
Rob Sari rated on Google
Very uncomplicated film team, with which work is really fun. From the fast response time to the professional production, the collaboration has inspired me. Absolute recommendation!
FAQ film production Frankfurt
Whether you already have an exact idea for a film production Frankfurt or not, we will guide you, develop ideas and make suggestions for the various realization possibilities. Especially with films for the Internet, it is important that the target group easily understands your message, and ensure that the film is not too long. What should be shown, how the film will be structured and the most important messages will be recorded in a script, so that the “blueprint” for your individual film can be seen.
All necessary film and sound recordings will be made during the shooting. We make sure that the operational procedures are not disturbed and that everything is filmed as you would expect it to be. We generally work with compact cameras, but we also have a large selection of film technology such as sliders (for camera movements), gimbals (for moving shots), tripods, microphones and lights for optimum lighting. We are able to move safely in any environment, whether an industrial hall or a ballroom, we can always adapt ourselves perfectly, to the corresponding location.
The final film is edited, the last step of Film production in Frankfurt. We pay special attention to the fact that the picture and the sound as well as the accompanying music are optimally matched to each other. Depending on the application of the film, it is important to consider the length of the film. Videos for use on the Internet should not be longer than 2 minutes (except for training films), because the viewers often do not watch the video to the end. 120 words of written text correspond to one minute of spoken word. For film editing, we use Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects to meet even the most demanding requirements.
An animation is the perfect complement for a film production on complicated topics. Fonts and objects can be moved and rotated in front of moving and fixed backgrounds. Virtual camera movements from different directions allow visualization from different perspectives. Animation does not always mean that the whole video is completely made up of digital elements, but an animation can also be used as a supporting element in a real film. Thus, an animation is not only useful when it comes to the presentation of complicated connections in a video production, but also more visually appealing to watch.
Each video can be accompanied by music or a voice over. We have a large selection of royaltie free songs and various male and female voices to match your video. We also have background speakers in English and many other languages which allow us to deliver videos internationally. Depending on the film, we can also provide you with special sound effects to give the video additional flair, so that a film production in Frankfurt becomes an experience.
With our own YouTube channel and 30 million live video views as well as 250,000 subscribers, we can give you optimal advice on video marketing. We are talking from experience, and since 2009 we have been observing what YouTube likes, what has changed and how videos can reach potential customers there. Even outside of YouTube, the Internet offers many possibilities to distribute videos free of charge and to appropriately position them, so that they can become more visible for your own target group.
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