Konova Jib J2 Portable camera crane

In summer 2013 we got the Slider Jib J1 which is a combination of slider and a regular jib. Click HERE to read and watch the review!

In late summer 2014 Konova released the follow-up version of the J1 which is a regular jib without the slider attached to the rest of the construction. Watch our overview video below:


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Setting up the J2 takes less time than constructing the slider version J1. Why? Because you don’t need to mount the slider, which was a bit tricky when doing it alone. Another reason is that the screws on the sticks/pipes are now attached so you don’t have to look for the right screw in the first place.

The J2 overview video was shot on a cold winter day so I was afraid that there might be trouble regarding the aluminum but we were lucky and everything fit together perfectly.

As I mentioned in the video, weight and the right balance is the most important factor to get smooth movements which result in smooth shots. If you’ve never worked with a jib before don’t worry, it’s easy to operate and you don’t need to gym to be able to lift it.

It’s really more about creativity because there are a lot of different ways on how to use a camera crane especially when it comes to timing. Varying with speed and movement is one of the most fun parts.


I think the J2 is great for small shoots that don’t require a huge jib and for everyone who needs to get shots done quickly. Setting up the jib for the first time might take 20 minutes but after a few times it will probably take around 4-5 minutes. This is something that cannot be done with bigger models.
The case in which the jib comes is around 90x28x16cm and weighs 6kg.

Is the J2 a better choice than the J1? I would say they are both the same except that one element is a slider and the true question is: Do you need a slider connected to a jib? I personally prefer the J2 (without the slider) because I don’t have to carry a big slider (120cm long) and it saves time while constructing the jib.



You need a professional video tripod to be able to mount the J1 and J2. For example a Manfrotto 502 head and 546BK legs. The tripod head needs to have a 75mm half ball otherwise it’s not going to work!

You can head over to the manufacturers site for more technical details: KonovaPhoto.com

The 120cm version of the J2 is available for $550 on eBay, Amazon or on the Konova website. The 150cm costs $30 more.

Don’t forget: Just like a slider or a steady cam, a jib is just another tool and should be used in the right situation and not for everything.

Written by Moritz Janisch

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