Parallax and panoramic slider shots Konova Master Pan

The Konova Master Pan is an add-on for all K series sliders that allows the user to get parallax and panoramic shots. What that means is that the slider will automatically pan while moving from side to side.


The video below gives an overview and features sample footage:

If you haven’t seen our original review of the Konova K5 slider you can find out more HERE.

Of course you can also get shots like that by mounting a video fluid head and panning it yourself while also moving the slider carriage but the results will never be as smooth and precise as when using this dedicated system. The idea behind the Master Pan is pretty simple but the results are amazing.



The setup is very easy and doesn’t take much time. The main part is the panning mount as well as the guide bar that goes through the mount. The two end mounts only need to be mounted on the ends of the slider and connected with the guide bar.


The Master Pan can be motorized by using one of the Konova motor kits. It can either be controlled with the Basic Controller which allows real-time motion shots and the Smart Controller that allows more control: For example timelapse shooting or stop motion.

The speed of the slider carriage/panning mount depends on which motor is being used. Konova offers different motors that can move at different speeds. The Master Pan autopan setup is no different than when setting up the normal motorized slider without the panning mount. Just like when motorizing the regular slider the carriage plate needs to be changed to be able to mount a motor on the side.


Filming interviews with a slider can be useful to add some motion. The biggest downside of many slider systems is that they can’t loop which means they stop when reaching one end of the slider. The motorized Master Pan can do looping shots which is a big advantage especially because you can save man-power and can concentrate on operating another camera. The parallax effect works especially well when filming a person in the center of the frame.

You can find out more about the basic controller and the motorized slider HERE.
If you’re interested in capturing timelapses with motorized gear HERE is an overview video we made.

But don’t worry you don’t need the motorized version to get smooth shots. Most of the shots in the video were done just by moving the panning mount from side to side by hand.
Filming motorized is useful for anybody who needs to get really slow shots or timelapses.

Buy the Konova Master Pan: Below are links to the different lengths and versions available!

Konova MP-80 Master Pan Auto-Pan for Slider (31.5″)

Konova MP-100 Master Pan Auto-Pan for Slider (39.4″)

Konova MP-120 Master Pan Auto-Pan for Slider (47.2″)

Konova MP-150 Master Pan Auto-Pan for Slider (59.1″)

Written by Moritz Janisch

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