Wireless HDMI video signal Aputure Array Trans

A while ago Aputure sent us a prototype of what seemed to be two small space ships but turned out to be a video signal transmitter and receiver. The so called Array Trans can be connected with a camera and monitor via HDMI. So what does it do? It’s pretty simple. It sends a 1080p video signal from your camera to an external monitor. This is especially useful when the camera is in places that are not easy to access. Another use would be when shooting with certain rigs or jibs (camera cranes). Even though it’s called “wireless” you still need two cables to connect the devices with the camera and monitor.


It has a 60GHz frequency and almost no delay when sending the signal from the camera to the monitor. The HDMI input is Type A. The other end of the cable obviously depends on the camera’s or monitor’s connection.

The Array Trans is great for small crews. The director can use the external monitor to watch all the action in real time while the camera man can see everything through the viewfinder or the camera’s display. It can work with a 720p, 1080i and 1080p signal as well as SD.


It can send and receive a signal up to max. 80m as long as the environment is not too crowded. Walls can be tricky so it necessary to keep both devices in the same area when shooting indoors.
The RX and TX both have a hot shoe adapter to mount them on a camera for example.

On top of the transmitter and receiver is an ON/OFF switch. It’s best to turn them on at the same time so they can connect fast. That’s another advantage: You don’t have to do any manual channel or signal adjustments, the devices connect automatically and if they don’t for some reason there is also a reset button.

The devices can be powered with a small Sony NP-FM500H battery that can be put inside of the TX and RX. It opens on the top which means you can change the battery fast without having to remove the RX or TX if it’s mounted somewhere with the hot shoe. It also has a Micro USB input for future updates as well as a DC5-16.8V input.


Overall we are pretty amazed by the performance and reliability of the Array Trans. Sure, you can’t send a signal through five walls but who expects that? It’s a great piece of technology and definitely makes set life easier.

You can now order the Aputure Array Trans for $599 on Amazon.

Written by Moritz Janisch

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