Canon EOS C200 – color graded 4K 50p footage

You don’t have to like Canon DSLRs for shooting video but one thing is for sure, the company makes some of the best cinema cameras out there. A few years ago I tested the EOS C100 which I immediately liked because of the ergonomics and of course the Super 35 look.

Filming at a park with the EOS C200 and the Canon 24-105mm F/4 zoom lens.

Now I am testing the C200 which has a lot of great features such as the ability to record raw internally and up to 4K 60p in MP4. I went out to do some testing and recorded with 50 frames per second in Ultra HD (3840×2160) internally as MP4 on to an SD card. You can watch a little edit of the footage graded in Premiere Pro CC 2018 below.

The good thing about filming with a camera that has EF-mount is that I can use all of our old Canon glass. For the shots above I mostly used the 24-105mm F/4 and the Tokina 11-16mm F/2.8 as well as the nifty fifty (50mm F/1.8) and the Sigma 30mm F/1.4.

The EOS C200’s monitor with controls on the left side and touch function.

I really love the look of the image and again the ergonomics but the EOS C200 also doesn’t come in cheap at around $7,499.00 so it’s definitely a tool made for pros.

Our video review will be out in a few weeks!

Written by Moritz Janisch on June 19, 2018

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