Customized royalty-free music for free

When creating videos, music is an essential component, because the music being used plays a major role in defining the mood of the film. When we started making videos and we didn’t have a budget for good music we created the music ourselves on the computer. But this process took forever because we had to learn how to use the music programs, possibly even pay a license fee for using them and the results still weren’t really satisfying.

Buying music is another option but can be a problem if you are producing on a budget because even royalty free music is costly and many providers of royalty fee music let you pay for the license over and over again for each different video that you would like to use the music in even if it is always the very same song.

Another downside of royalty free music archives is that the music you can purchase there isn’t unique. Everybody can purchase the songs and especially the songs from page one are used very often in all kinds of videos that you can find online.

There is a service called “Jukedeck” that lets you create customized music in just minutes while using a very simple workflow. The songs created will fit your video perfectly because you can choose the exact length, style and speed. With Jukedeck you can choose from different genres like rock or cinematic and also choose different moods like uplifting, chilled or aggressive. And last but not least you can define the exact length of the track, for example 36 seconds.

This way you can have your unique track, rather than using the same tracks as everyone else does. The music from Jukedeck is royalty free to use worldwide in all media and it is free if you credit Jukedeck or costs only 99 cent if you don’t want to credit and you are an individual or a small business.

Try it now and produce your videos with custom made royalty free music.

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