DSLR camera slider review Konova K5

The last two month we’ve been working with a new tool: The Konova K5. The version we got is 1.20 meters long. If you’re only 1.72 meters tall like me that’s a pretty big slider to carry around.

We used it on every kind of location that you probably shouldn’t use it – but that’s how it is. Only a real shoot is the ultimate test for any piece of gear. Below you find the short video review. It’s only 5 minutes long but captures the essential pros and cons plus some general advices.

If you’re looking for more sample shots you have to be a little bit patient. We’re currently putting together a reel with the best slider shots that will be online within the next few weeks.

What I liked most about the slider is the built quality, the fast set up and overall how it performs. Cleaning the track is something you have to do often when using the K5 because little particles can stop the plate from sliding smooth.

After all I think that the length of 47.2 inches is a little too long for travelling and spontaneous shots because it takes some time to balance the slider with the tripods (bubble level helps here). On the first few shoots we only used one tripod under the slider but when operating in the middle the whole thing swings and isn’t straight anymore. I highly recommend to use two tripods or the shots might not be as good as expected or the whole thing falls over. That leads to the next problem: Two tripods and one big slider plus a camera bag are too much for one person to carry around so you need an assistant. I’ve always had an assistant with me just to be quicker all in all. I would call that the ideal length for shoots with a small crew that is able to help you.

I haven’t used a video head to pan while sliding on the track but only a great ball head to change the camera angle very quick. Why a ball head? It’s small and lighter than the bigger fluid video heads with an arm.

Please notice: The guys at Konova were kind enough to send us the slider for testing. They didn’t pay us or influenced our opinion in any way!

Written by Moritz Janisch

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