Samsung Galaxy S9 video test

We had the chance to get the new Samsung Galaxy S9 for a few hours to test. I took out on a cold winter day to see how well it performs. You can watch the Ultra HD video below:

I have never been a big fan of mobile filmmaking because of its many downsides like rolling shutter, fixed focal length and low bitrate but it’s impressive to see how good smartphones are these days. Below are the technical specifications of the Galaxy S9 and the Plus version which we haven’t tested.

I am not a smartphone camera expert because I simply don’t test enough different products but I do believe that Samsung and others like Google are heading in the right direction and with 3rd party apps you can definitely use phones for video shoots such as vlogs, interviews or behind the scenes videos. Below you can watch a video test from fall 2017 when I tested the Google Pixel 2 which has an amazing camera especially when it comes to capturing photos.

For all the video content I used the Zhiyun Smooth Q which is an affordable phone gimbal that I also reviewed a while back. You can read and watch the review HERE!

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