Capturing ambient sound with the Hollyland LARK 150

Have you ever recorded ambient sound with a clip-on microphone? Me neither, until recently. Hollyland, a brand known for making wireless video transmitters launched a lavalier mic kit a few months ago. The LARK 150 consists of two transmitters with internal microphones and one receiver. What’s unique about it? The case the three devices are stored in is also the charging case.

Charging & storing case for all LARK 150 devices

While I usually don’t care much about boxes or presentations like this the LARK 150 case certainly looks and feels like a premium tech gadget.

Anyway, the microphone kit is meant to be used for interviews and we already have used it plenty of times in the last two months on corporate productions. But since Hollyland recently launched a filmmaking challenge called “Feel My City Sounds” and asked us to join I thought this would be a good way to use the two mics in a different way: To capture ambient sounds. Usually I would use a dedicated stereo microphone to get the wanted result but in the end a stereo mic are simply two mics pointing in different directions. I did the same with the small clip-on mics from Hollyland. You can see exactly how this worked in the Behind the Scenes video below:

The final video can be watched below. Make sure to have proper speakers to fully enjoy the sound.

The #FeelMyCitySounds filmmaking competition ends on July 20, 2021. You can submit your work on Hollyland’s campaign site.

According to the company the total amount of prices is 50.000 USD. Sponsors include Aputure, Zhiyun, YC Onion and other film gear manufacturers.

There are different categories like “Most Popular”, “Best Video Edit” or “Best Sound Design”. Let me know if you joined the challenge by tagging us on Twitter or Instagram with your submussion.

Written by filmmaker Moritz Janisch on May 20, 2021

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