Aputure Light Storm LS-1 The brightest LED video light

Last year we reviewed the Aputure Amaran 528 lights which are very small, lightweight and good for small setups and interviews. This year Aputure came out with a new series of LEDs, the Light Storm. Just like the name suggests they are bright indeed, especially compared to the Amaran 528 lights.

We had the LS-1s for some time now and are definitely impressed by what the light offers. The light is currently priced at $695.00 (2015/09/14). To find out all about the new light(s) check out the video review below:

30.300 Lux at half a meter distance is pretty bright and compares to almost 1.000 Watt when using a regular tungsten light. The 5500K LS-1s and the 3200K-5500K LS-1c have a color accuracy (CRI) of over 95. The S version has a beam angle of 25° and the bi-color C version an angle of 45°. Four barn doors are attached to the lights and also serve as a protection for the LEDs when being in packed in a case because there is no plastic or glass in front of light.


The light can be operated with a control unit that is connected with the light itself by using a LEMO connector. The control unit has a wheel to adjust the brightness in small steps and a simple on and off button. Another, smaller remote that fits in the palm of your hand is included as well to change the brightness or turn the light on and off. The big control unit has two antennas. Using the 2.4G FSK technology the unit can receive a signal up to 100m distance to the wireless remote. The little remote can operate a maximum of three channels. The bigger control unit can also be operated with a DMX console (DMX512 protocol). That kind of technology is useful for studios where a lot of lights need to be controlled. We only used the wireless remote to change the brightness.


The light can be powered with an AC/DC adapter or wireless with an Anton Bauer battery or a Sony V battery. The batteries can be attached on the backside of the control unit. These kinds of batteries can last for hours and can also power a lot of other devices like cameras or monitors.

The amount of light that can be projected with these LEDs is enormous. The case is made out of aluminum and is only 15 inch big. The built quality is very high. The light and the control unit (controller panel) weigh around 3.5kg together. The LS-1s is ideal to light big areas when filming outdoors or in a studio. A couple of these can turn a dark place into daylight. That might not be true but almost. This is not a light for beginners but for advanced filmmakers and professionals who need a robust design, full remote control and in the end a reliable product that does its job. For that kind of light plus accessories even $700 are still a fair price especially when looking at similar lights from other competitors which are priced way over $1.000.
If you are looking for a more affordable light that is small, lightweight and easy to use I highly recommend to take a look at the Amaran 528 series!


Head over to the manufacturer’s website to find out more about the LS-1 lights: aputure.com

Buy the Light Storm LS-1s HERE

Buy the Light Storm LS-1c (bi-color) HERE

Written by Moritz Janisch

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