Moza Air 2S gimbal review & sample footage

Our first look at the Gudsen Moza Air 2S can be watched below. The gimbal review includes sample footage and compares the camera stabilizer to the original Moza Air 2 which we tested in-depth back in late 2018.

New features: Improved Focus Wheel (Smart Micro HandWheel), USB-C charging with internal battery instead of external batteries (MOZA Spark Power Supply System 3.0), and additional mounting options (ARRI rosette, cold shoe extension, M4 mounting hole). The software has been updated and (auto-tuning & Balance Check 3.0). When using the new Moza app there are also plenty of remote control options available including Mimic Motion Control.

Having a variety of screw/mounting options is quite useful to quickly mount a wireless monitor or a third party follow focus system as well as other accessories.

Below you can watch the in-depth review of the original Air 2 to have a better understanding on what has changed and what features were already implemented in the previous generation:

The original Air 2 is still a very capable stabilizer with advanced control and a well working follow focus. The external batteries sometimes had issues in the past and internal batteries are becoming a standard nowadays so it’s not suprising to see Gudsen getting rid of the re-chargable ext. batteries. If you already own an Air 2 I don’t think it necessary to purchase the “S” version but if you come from one of the older gimbals it’s certainly a solid upgrade.

Written by filmmaker Moritz Janisch on May 11, 2021

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