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Finding the right music for a video can be quite nerve wrecking and time consuming. But in this video I will be talking about a new platform that I came across that has a great filtering system to find the fitting music for your project quickly. No need to spend hours searching on the web just to realize that complicated licensing is needed in the end. is a music licensing website that offers all types of music for online content creators but also for corporate and broadcast use. They have over 3.000 handpicked songs in their library from over 450 musicians, bands and composers and most of them sound pretty great. Plus, they offer more than 30.000 sound effects.

Something I noticed immediately when using the website was the speed without any delay or hick-ups. A lot of other music licensing websites are rather slow and sometimes need to be refreshed to work properly. Luckily the Audiio website is loading pretty fast. No issues at all.

If you are like me and usually spend way too much time trying to find the perfect score for a video, the good thing about Audiio is that you can quickly find the right music. The filtering options on the left seem rather average at first. But besides being able to select genre, mood or instrument you can even select the type of video you are working on which is a big time saver. If you click on “video theme” you can choose from almost 20 categories like “documentary”, “timelapse” or “vlog”. I haven’t really seen that on other music licensing websites. Another cool filter is the “vocals” one which allows you to choose from “female” or “male” and more.

Audiio also has a big archive of sound effects and ambient sounds. This can be helpful not just to add transition sounds to a fast edited video but also for nature videos or cityscapes.

The user interface is kept simple which helps in quickly navigating through the site. In the end it not only come down to quickly finding random music but to finding great music.

When it comes to pricing there are a couple of options available depending on your needs. The Pro membership costs $199 so less than $17 a month which is quite cheap compared to other music platforms and it includes both unlimited music downloads and sound effects. By using the code “EARLYADOPTER” you can save 20% so in the end you only pay $159.

Interesting is also the Lifetime membership which means you only pay once but it does not cover broadcast television and OTT platforms. The license does not provide perpetual use like the Pro membership. That means a song needs to be downloaded and licensed multiple times if it’s being used in different project.

You can use the code “Fenchel&Janisch10” to get 10% off the music and SFX lifetime plans.

Licensing itself isn’t too complicated and just requires a few clicks to make sure you it’s done right. Depending on the song you can use it for corporate productions and cinema releases.

Every song or SFX that is downloaded during the subscription period can be used without any time limit. Even if you decide to cancel the subscription, you can still use all sounds and music that you downloaded.

Besides the great selection of music I personally think that the filtering options really speed up the workflow of finding the right track which we all know can be a real struggle and I think that’s what makes Audiio unique.

Written by filmmaker Moritz Janisch on May 7, 2021

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