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Important documents for filmmakers

When you are working with others on a film project some paperwork might needs to be done. Whether it is the release form for the actors or the non-disclosure agreement. To write these papers can be very time consuming. Also

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How we made our new documentary

This is a production summary of our documentary FORMAT FRANKFURT. In late summer 2010 we moved with our company from a small town to Frankfurt. We only knew the hot spots but not the places where the locals would go.

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How we made a 4K timelapse film

When shooting a timelapse you never know how it will look like once it’s finished. A few hundred photographs have to be edited and put into one sequence to be able to see the result. Sometimes timelapses turn into more

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How we made a 4K hyperlapse film

Back in Januar 2016 we released our second timelapse film called FRANKFURT MOVING II. The film is a mix of classic timelapse shots and more dynamic hyperlapse sequences. We shot the film with a DSLR but not in video mode

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Great filmmaking bloggers and websites

These are exciting times for everyone who wants to make films: You can learn pretty much everything online from how to write a script to how to color correct and export the final film. There are a lot of great

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Filming with the GH4 at a street festival

While we were testing the Panasonic GH4 we filmed at a street festival in Frankfurt called “Bahnhofsviertelnacht”. The festival takes place in the famous redlight district that has become a melting pot of different cultures and artists. Since it takes

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Filming a portrait

In November 2014 we shot a little portrait film of Frankfurt’s famous wood carver Johannes Grosse. Local news site FNP.de wanted us to create a cinematic piece that’s different compared to traditional news videos. We already interviewed Johannes a few

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Film Look & Movie Atmosphere

Finding the right and wanted look for your film can be tough sometimes. Partly it’s about having the skills to color correct and grade the footage but it’s also about having an idea how the film should look like so

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