Zeapon Micro 2 motorized camera slider review

The Zeapon Micro 2 is a slider designed for mirrorless cameras, DSLRs and cinema cameras. The slider is available in different versions. I tested the E800 which is a motorized version that has a track length of 50cm but it can extend in both directions and has a total range of 94cm.

You can watch the 7-minute video review with sample footage below:


The product comes in a bag and is already fully mounted and set-up. This safes both time and first-time struggles like how to attach the motor and other parts.

The E800 kit includes not only a bag but also tripod support arms/legs which keep the tripod from falling over if the slider is mounted on to it. In theory this is a good feature but the support legs are fiddly to set up and don’t fit well on photo tripods. Usually this kind of stability support consists of two sticks that are each connected to one end of the slider and to one leg. The Zeapon solution consist of three legs that are all connected which is a great idea but like I mentioned, isn’t fast to set up and doesn’t work on every tripod.

The Micro 2 E800 set up for a timelapse shoot on a tripod.

The device is powered by Sony NP-F batteries which are commonly used for all kinds of gear such as monitors or wireless transmitters. Depending on the type of battery, it will last for up to 10 hours of constant use.

The motor is mounted to one end of the slider but can also be purchased separately. Besides an On/Off button is also a USB and remote trigger connection for capturing timelapses. On top of the motor are two buttons to control in which direction the carriage is supposed to drive. Most modern sliders don’t have this basic feature anymore and require an app to control any electric motion. I personally enjoy this “offline method” as there can always be issues with a mobile phone app. The two button can also be used to set different points, like a starting and ending point. The slider carriage will then only move between these marks and can also loop.

Always in motion: Capturing a motion controlled shot with the Micro 2.

For more advanced setting like speed control and speed ramping, the Zeapon app comes in handy.

The user interface is easy to understand and doesn’t take a long time to get used to like some other motion control app. For capturing photo timelapses the app is essential. The camera needs to be connected with a trigger cable and the slider’s motor. The separate timelapse interface allows the user to set all common settings like shutter speed, interval etc. and also has dedicated shooting modes and presets.

Controlling the slider’s motion with the dedicated mobile app.

I have a tested a lot of motion controlled sliders and time lapse devices over the years and barely ever used an app that was so fast and easy to understand and set up.

left side: Video mode / right side: Timelapse mode

The slider does what it’s supposed to do, it moves smoothly from one end to the other without making much noise. Unless I am shooting in a very quiet surrounding I wouldn’t think twice about using this device for filming interviews. I did a few macro product shoots with the E800 and was surprised by the minimum speed and the buttery smooth motion.

Capturing a raw photo timelapse sequence of a dinosaur statue in Downtown Frankfurt.

Considering the price, it’s hard to beat the features, built quality and the long range of this slider. If you are not on a tight budget I recommend to check out the sliders from Edelkrone which we have also tested in the past.

The only issue I had was the carriage lock which are two switches, one on each side. When the lock is still on and the motor is being moved it’s hard to unlock it. It happened to me twice and took 10 minutes to unlock. Definitely my own fault but it’s something that can happen to anyone when being in a hurry. So better be careful.

Nonetheless, the built quality and engineering is very high and even though I was skeptical at first, thinking this would just be another Edelkrone knock-off, I am positively surprised by the unique design from a company I have never even heard of before.

You can purchase the E800 and M800 slider through our affiliate links which supports the blog and don’t cause any extra costs for you.

Written by filmmaker Moritz Janisch on August 10, 2020

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