Atomos Shinobi – 4K HDR Monitor – First Impressions Review

Atomos Shinobi Osthafen 13 02 19 Foto (5g4)

Atomos latest product is not a recorder but simply a monitor. Find out more in our video below!

The Shinobi’s 1000nit HDR display comes in handy when filming in bright locations or outdoors on a sunny day.

The touch screen is very responsive and switching between settings is very easy and intuitive.

The Shinobi offers all necessary settings to check exposure, color and focus. Besides False Color, Waveform and Vectorscope useful features also include vertical and horizontal flip as well as different zoom modes which can help to check framing or focus in detail. Most of the settings can also be customized depending on the shooter’s preferences.

Atomos Shinobi Osthafen 13 02 19 Foto (48)
The brightness is really useful for sunny outdoor shoots.

The monitor supports the most common Log formats for example S-Log, V-Log or RedLog. Just like with Atomos recorders, the Shinobi can also display external LUTs which can simply be done by putting them onto an SD card. This allows a look preview in real time while shooting to see how the final video could look like.

Besides all the visual features the monitor also has 3.5mm headphone jack to listen to the audio.

Atomos Shinobi Osthafen 13 02 19 Foto (54)
Moritz filming with the Fujifilm X-T3 and the Atomos Shinobi on a sunny winter day.

Even though the monitor itself is very lightweight and compact the compatible NP-F batteries can add quite some weight so I recommend not to use the big ones unless you need the monitor to run for a few hours constantly.

This is definitely not a display for everyone simply because of the price of 400 US Dollars. There are cheaper small camera monitors on the market available right now but they often have quirky, menus, a bad color and contrast reproduction and are usually not very bright. The Shinobi is not aimed at beginners but rather at experienced camera men. The brightness, color accuracy, and long battery life make the Shinobi a reliable tool for professional filmmakers.

Written by filmmaker Moritz Janisch, February 2019

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