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Gimbal for small cameras Zhiyun Crane-M review

The Zhiyun Crane-M is a 3-axis hand-held gimbal and supports cameras that weigh 125g to 650g which makes it useable for poin-and-shoot-cameras as well as other small and lightweight cameras such as camcorders, phones or action cams. If the used

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DSLR camera slider review Konova K5

The last two month we’ve been working with a new tool: The Konova K5. The version we got is 1.20 meters long. If you’re only 1.72 meters tall like me that’s a pretty big slider to carry around. We used

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Cheap LED lights Aputure Amaran 528 Review

Over the last few years more and more manufacturers have released affordable LED lights for video productions. When it comes to LED lights, everything below 400 $ is considered “cheap” for one light. One of the first LED lights we

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Canon EOS 80D Review

In September 2013 ago we got our hands on a Canon EOS 70D and were overall happy with the performance and results in video mode. Almost three years later we tested its successor the EOS 80D for a week. How

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Canon EOS 70D Review

When I first heard about the Canon EOS 70D I didn’t know I should feel about it. Canon called it a game changer but when looking at the specs it didn’t seemed to be one. After the T5i (700D) release

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