Hollyland MARS 400S PRO Unboxing: What’s inside the package?

Unboxing the Hollyland MARS 400S PRO see whats inside the package

Hollyland is known for making wireless video transmission systems. Last year we reviewed the MARS 400S. The PRO version is out now and can be used for all types of monitoring or even for live-streaming. Even though they are similarly named they look very different.

Below is a short unboxing video that shows you what’s actually inside the package.


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A little confusing, right? 🙂

You can also see the packing list below featuring all included items.

Hollyland MARS 400S PRO Top down Foto 2 1
Opening the box…
Hollyland MARS 400S PRO Top down Foto 4 1
MARS 400S PRO items in the box: Transmitter, receiver, user manual, after sales card, five antennas, powering cable

Written by filmmaker Moritz Janisch on August 16, 2021

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